Monday, September 10, 2012

New Tutorial - Coming Soon

Well - for those of us living in Packer-land it is not such a great day.  Losing the first game of the season really stinks.  Being me, I had to try and see the bright side (or at least a little glimmer of hope) of the loss.  I got a great start on my newest tutorial.  I am not going to ruin it and tell you what it is but I think it is going to be AWESOME!!  So - I have no tutorial to post for you today.  But, in the spirit of the football season officially starting I have a link to some super yummy football foods.  I will warn you that I have NOT tried these recipes but I am going to when the hubby and I have a little Packer party later in the season.  So, if you have tried or do try any of them please let me know how they turn out.

Football Foods

Being the eternal optimist that I am I am going to make two predictions today:

1.  The Packers will beat the Bears this Thursday
2.  During the game I will finish the item for my next tutorial and get it online over the weekend

Let's see how good I am at predicting things or if I have just jinxed my team and myself.

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