Thursday, November 15, 2012

Tie Gift Bags

Ok, this is the second to last posting on my tie-riffic tutorials.  Get it?  I think I am getting a little slap happy and a little bit at a loss over what more to write about ties.  I have finished my tie key chains and my tie coffee cozies.  But I can't just hand them to people as they leave, no I have to have them in appropriate containers.  Can you guess what they are?  Gift bags with ties on them!!!!!!  This gave me another opportunity to use some of my scrapbook paper stash.  

Scrapbook Paper
Brown Lunch Bags
Hole Punch 

First, I selected the paper I wanted to use.

Next, I traced my tie onto the back of the paper.  For those of you that did not read my last post, here is the link to the tie template I have been using.  Also, here is a picture of it a little smaller.

Just like last time I was able to trace 4 ties on each piece of paper.  

Cut out all of your ties. 

Place the tie on top of the brown paper bag and punch a hole through the tie and the bag. 

Next, insert your bag contents. 

Lastly, close up the bag by tying yarn/ribbon or string through the holes.  I ended up using yarn, I would have loved to use some satin ribbon but I am horrible at tying bows and didn't want to embarrass myself  by putting a picture of one of my awful bows where anyone could find it. 

Presto, an adorable gift bag for the shower.  

Thanks for hanging in there with me folks!  Only one more tie tutorial to go!

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