Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Super Easy Christmas Ornaments

Yep - I am only doing one post on a crafty Christmas project.  Things have been a little bit busy and I like to put my friends and family first (especially around the holidays!).  I have been able to do a lot of fun things this season.  I baked Christmas cookies, only 4 kinds this year but I made our favorites.  This year I also put up and decorated the tree.  Last year I got the tree up but never got around to decorating it.  I was sad afterwards that I spent so much time on other things that I didn't get to truly appreciate the beauty of Christmas decorations.  So, this year I also pulled out and put up the rest of our decorations including putting some extra lights up.  I have to say it looks very pretty at our house and I am really looking forward to opening presents up with my hubby in a beautifully decorated room. 

Now, enough about me!  Onto the tutorial.

You will need:

Clear glass or plastic ornaments
Yep, I am making a Packer ornament!  I can't help it, I bleed green and gold!

First, pull out the metal top part of the ornament. 

Next, squeeze some of the darker color paint into the ornament. In this case I started with the green.  I couldn't actually get a picture of myself squeezing in the paint because I needed one hand to hold the ipad.
 Let that drip of paint flow down the side of the ornament, then as you see fit add more drips and move the ornament around so the paint drips and drops throughout the ornament. 

 Once you are happy with the drips of the first color let it dry for about a half an hour to let the paint get a bit tacky.  Then, add your second color.  Start with one drip into the top and let it flow down, twisting the ornament to cover any of the still clear parts. 

After the ornament is completely covered let dry overnight. 
Then, the next day put the top back into the ornament. 

Viola! You are done!

I made a bunch of these because they were so fun and so EASY!!!!

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