Sunday, October 28, 2012

Tie Key Chain

Ok - the teasing is over, here is the tutorial for the tie key chains.  Anyone who has been in my craft area in the basement knows that I have a thing for ties (not a 50 shades thing, I just love the colors and patterns).  I have had a bin of ties sitting around for awhile.  I have experimented with various uses for them, purses, jewelry, etc. but I have never quite found the perfect thing to make out of them.  Then, a friend of mine became pregnant with a little baby boy and my genius friend Adrea suggested that we do a tie theme for the shower.  The perfect opportunity to force me to find a use for the ties I had been hording for the last couple of years.  After thinking long and hard about what to make I decided that the first tie project would be tie key chains as favors for all the guests.  Once I sat down to start making them I was very pleasantly surprised to find that they were relatively easy to make (a double bonus!). 

You will need:

Handbag Hardware Latch (I got mine at Joann's)

 First, cut eleven inches off the skinnier end of the tie. 
Then, if there is one, cut off the little tag on the opposite side of the tie.

Next, pin the edge of the tie that you cut.

Sew up that end.  It doesn't need to be beautiful since this part will get folded over.

Thread the handbag latch onto the tie.
Fold so that the straight edge of the tie (the edge you have cut and sewn) is as close to the bottom without showing when the piece is flipped over.
Pin the two pieces together.
Sew up one edge, across the top (where the hardware is) and down the other side.  I do not recommend sewing up the bottom.  I tried this and it made the tie get a little lumpy.

Cut off any extra thread and you are done-so!

I have made several of these for my friend's shower.  Expect a couple more tie tutorials before the big day, I have lots of ideas in my head!

I think these could also be very fun for anyone who is a fan of the Fifty Shades of Grey series!!!

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  1. Adorable. Except, I think it was your genius friend Nicole that came up with the tie theme. I'm sure she forgives you for the mistake though(;